Student Disclosures

BL01.15.0701 (Certificate in Safety Management)
BL01.51.1802 (Certificate in Optometric Technology / Opticianry)
BL01.52.1004 (Labor Studies)
BL04.50.0903 (Performer Diploma and Artist Diploma in Early Music)
BL04.50.0907 (Performer Diploma and Artist Diploma (Piano or Organ))
BL04.50.0908 (Performer Diploma and Artist Diploma (Voice or Early Music Voice))
BL04.50.0911 (Performer Diploma and Artist Diploma (String Instrument))
BL04.50.0914 (Performer Diploma and Artist Diploma (Brass Instrument))
BL04.50.0915 (Performer Diploma and Artist Diploma (Woodwind Instrument))
BL04.50.0916 (Performer Diploma and Artist Diploma (Percussion))
BL08.13.1401 (Certificate in TESOL and Applied Linguistics)
EA04.23.1301 (Graduate Certificate in Composition Studies)
IN01.09.0401 (Journalism)
IN01.09.0900 (Public Relations)
IN01.09.0908 (Technical Communication)
IN01.11.0104 (Information Technology)
IN01.11.1003 (Network Security)
IN01.11.9999 (Applied Computer Science)
IN01.22.0302 (Paralegal Studies)
IN01.24.0102.GISUCERT (Geographic Information Science)
IN01.30.1401 (Museum Studies)
IN01.51.0001 (Youth Physical Wellness Programming)
IN01.51.0601 (Dental Assisting)
IN01.51.0707 (Medical Coding)
IN01.51.1008 (Histotechnology)
IN01.51.2201 (Public Health)
IN01.52.0101 (Business Foundations)
IN01.52.0205 (Leadership Studies)
IN01.52.0208 (E-Commerce Development)
IN01.52.0907 (Events Management)
IN01.52.1001 (Human Resource Management)
IN01.52.1004 (Labor Studies)
IN04.11.0802 (Database and Data Mining)
IN04.11.1003 (Computer Security)
IN04.13.1305 (Teaching Literature)
IN04.13.1315 (Literacy and Learning)
IN04.13.1401 (Teaching English as a Second Language)
IN04.14.0903 (Software Engineering)
IN04.16.0103 (Translation Studies)
IN04.16.1601 (American Sign Language (ASL))
IN04.23.1301 (Professional Editing)
IN04.23.1304 (Teaching Writing)
IN04.26.1101 (Biometrics)
IN04.26.1401 (Translational Science)
IN04.30.0000.Health_Info_Mgmt (Health Information Management and Exchange)
IN04.30.0000.Health_Info_Priv (Health Information Security)
IN04.30.0000.Info_For_Public_Health (Informatics for Public Health Professionals)
IN04.30.1401 (Museum Studies)
IN04.30.3101 (Human Computer Interaction)
IN04.43.0302 (Homeland Security and Emergency Management)
IN04.44.0401 (Public Management)
IN04.44.0503 (Health Policy)
IN04.45.0702 (Geographic Information Science)
IN04.51.0501 (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)
IN04.51.0907 (Medical Dosimetry)
IN04.51.2201 (Public Health)
IN04.51.2211 (Health Systems Management)
IN04.51.2706 (Clinical Informatics)
IN04.51.2706_HISAGCRT (Health Information Systems Architecture)
IN04.51.3101 (Dietetic Internship)
IN04.51.3201 (Bioethics)
IN04.52.0206 (Nonprofit Management)
IN04.52.1005 (Human Resources Development)
KO01.51.0707 (Medical Coding Technology)
KO04.30.0000 (Postbaccalaureate Certificate in New Media, Art & Technology)
KO04.52.0301 (Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting)
NW01.51.0601 (Dental Assisting)
NW04.04.0301 (Community Dev/Urban Studies)
NW04.11.0701 (Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Computer Information Systems)
NW04.44.0401.PMGMTCRT (Public Management Certificate)
NW04.440101.NPFMGCRT (Non-Profit Management Certificate)
NW04.52.0101 (Graduate Certificate in Management)
NW04.52.0301 (Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting)
SB01.22.0302 (Paralegal Studies Certificate)
SB04.30.3301 (Graduate Certificate in Strategic Sustainability Leadership)
SB04.51.1501 (Graduate Certificate Program in Alcohol and Drug Counseling)
SE01.11.0103 (Undergraduate Certificate in Information Technology)
SE01.51.0713 (Certificate in Coding Technology)
SE04.52.0301 (Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting)
SE04.52.1001 (Human Resource Management Post-Baccalaureate Certificate)